Life is Better with Accurate Hearing


Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Remote controls to change volume control or switch between listening programs
  • Bluetooth devices that give you hands-free listening to your cell phone or MP3 player
  • Wireless devices that connect your TV to your hearing aids, making it sound like you're sitting right next to the TV

Hearing Instruments

Other maintenance and cleaning products

  • We carry a variety of cleaning tools and sprays
  • Itchy ear solutions
  • Battery testers
  • Electronic drying chambers/UV light sanitizers
  • We can special order just about anything related to hearing loss, including vibrating alarm clocks and phone amplifiers

We offer custom ear plugs for musicians, hunters and others who are around dangerously loud levels of noise. Swimmers plugs and personalized earphones for IPOD and MP3 devices are also available. These devices require impressions to be made of your ears, which is completed at the time of the appointment.

Accessories, Supplies, custom ear devices

We have a large supply of hearing aid parts on hand. Having these items readily available allows us to handle many of your hearing needs on-site. These accessories and supplies allow your hearing instrument to be functioning appropriately which allows you to obtain the most benefit out of your hearing instruments.


  • We carry 16 count packs of all 4 sizes of hearing aid batteries, including 10A, 312A, 13A, and 675A by Rayovac Proline.
  • If you buy 3 packs, receive 10% off