Did you or a loved on have a hard time hearing at your last family get together? We can help. NOW is the time to try hearing aids. Call 1-888-407-4327 and schedule a no obligation hearing evaluation at one of our many locations. 


We also sell many hearing aid and ear accessories including batteries, drying chambers, earwax removal drops, battery testers and more.


From connecting to your TV to hearing your cell phone hands-free to rechargeable hearing aids. Ask about accessories that are compatible with your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids

We work with all of the major manufacturers in the industry, which gives us many options to help meet your technology, cosmetic, and budgetary needs.

Hearing Evaluations

Comprehensive audiologic evaluations will tell us the type and severity of your hearing loss and help guide to making the best recommendation for hearing aids.

Life is Better with Accurate Hearing


Accurate Hearing Services is a small town, family owned and operated Audiology and hearing aid  company.  We take pride in providing services uniquely designed for your lifestyle and hearing loss.  We work with all the major hearing aid manufacturers because each one has their own specialty. Your hearing is unique to you, and we want to make sure we fit you with the right hearing aid for your lifestyle. With multiple locations, we promise to provide you with excellent service.

Life Is Better With Accurate Hearing